Automatic Hand Dryer- Vort Super Dry- Grey


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Automatic Hand Dryer- Vort Super Dry- White

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*Ideal for high usage installations
*Drying Time of 5-7 seconds
*Sensor automatically stops when hands are withdrawn
*Equipped with a DC brush less motor for high efficiency and long life operation
*Made from non-flammable and antibacterial ABS
*Streamlined nozzle design gives a maximum air speed of 95m/s
*Drainage tank to prevent splashing on the floor
*Heating can be switched on or off
*Air filter
*Protection: IPX4


*Very fast: only 10 seconds, thanks to the powerful dual air stream generated by the EC brush less motor.
*Low maintenance requirement guaranteed by an EC (electronically commutated) brush less motor combining high *Performance with relatively low energy consumption, and requiring minimal service.
*Compact dimensions.
*Ergonomic design.
*User safe: Touch-free operation.
*Electronic circuitry designed with built-in protection features.
*Anti-vandal protection.


*2 models: White and Silver finishing.
*Casing moulded from non-flammable ABS and fitted with operation indicator lights.
*Equipped with EC brushless motor.
*Heater ON/OFF: when high ambient temperatures render the use of hot air unnecessary, a switch located on the *left side of the appliance can be pressed to deactivate the electrical heating element and save energy.
*Anti-vandal protection. The appliance shuts off automatically if used continuously for more than 25 seconds.
*Safety features incorporated into the electronic circuit board protect against overheating, overload and short-circuits.
*Accessories supplied: drainage tank and air filter.
*Maximum operating temperature 40 °C.
*Protection rating: IPX4


*Especially suitable for high installations, typically motorway, restrooms, hotels, restaurants, fitness centers, etc.
*Easy and practical: simply place the hands in the slot, and they will be dried on both sides at the same time by powerful jets of air.
*The Vort Super Dry stops automatically when hands are withdrawn.
*Hands can be easily inserted and removed without difficulty thanks to the shape of the slot, which is open on both sides and angled forward by 15°.
*Control panel located on the left side of the casing.
*The operating status of the appliance is shown by a set of indicator lights, which also serve as error warning lights. *A display shows the drying time countdown.
*Made in Italy
*10 Years Warranty

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